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Teaching Associate

2021-2022 school year

Job Summary Details 

Position Title: Teaching Associate 

Daily Hours: Monday – Thursday, 8am – 3:30pm; Friday, 8am – 12:30pm 

Total Hours: 35 hours/week 

Contract Dates: August 11, 2021 – June 17, 2022 

Pay: $15 - $30 (depending on experience) 

Location: Northeast Los Angeles (Griffith Park, Elysian Park, Pasadena, Altadena) 

Job Description  

Everlasting Education is seeking a Teaching Associate for its outdoor elementary school.  

The primary function of the Teaching Associate is to have an amazing time with our students while we  learn and discover together out in the field. The mission of our program is to create lasting educational  experiences that connect students with their natural surroundings. Teaching Associates work to foster  

our students' curiosity, engage them in thought provoking conversation, and provide them with assistance when needed. 

Each class consists of 10 – 14 students and a lead teacher, who the Teaching Associate supports. Class runs from 8:15am - 3:30pm on Monday – Thursday and 8:15 – 12:30pm on Friday. Staff is required to arrive 15 minutes prior to programming for daily planning check-ins (8:00am).  


Role Responsibilities 

• Supervise students throughout the school day: on our daily hikes, during meals, games, and  lessons, 

• Ensure students safely stay with the group while walking and are on task during activities,  • Encourage students to engage in mindfulness and kindness, 

• Genuinely engage with student curiosity and conversation, 

• Assist students who need extra guidance, 

• Support students who are struggling emotionally or physically, 

• Provide medical attention to students in need, from Band Aids to CPR, 

• Facilitate inquiry-based learning, 

• Lead lessons and activities, 

• Attend to the safety of all students, including our COVID-19 health safety protocols, • Assist students in safely finding a private bathroom in wilderness spaces,  

• Support students during snack, water, and lunch breaks to ensure sufficient hydration and  caloric intake, 

• Have fun and connect with our students and the environment! 

Note: This position is meant to develop leadership and encourage growth. As the school year progresses, Assistant Teachers will begin to develop and lead lessons of their own with freedom to be  creative and adventurous with their teaching style and lesson content with the goal of promotion to  Lead Teacher. 


• Comfort spending extended periods of time outdoors,  

• Knowledge and interest in California’s natural and cultural history, 

• Personable with the ability to interact effectively with others, 

• Patient and intuitively empathetic to student needs, 

• Reliable transportation to be punctual and dependable each day, 

• Team-oriented with collaborative energy for class planning, 

• Ability to hike up to 5 miles/day, occasionally in the heat and other strenuous elements, • 2+ years of college with a background in education, sociology, biology, ecology, environmental studies, natural science or related field preferred 

• Previous teaching experience, 

• Previous experience summer camps, outdoor education, or another informal learning environments with children, 

• Current Red Cross CPR Training Certification or ability to obtain within two weeks of employment start. 


Next Steps 

If you are interested in applying for this position, we encourage you to send a brief cover letter & current resume to


Here is the structure of our hiring process:  

1. Candidate submits resume and cover letter, 

2. Phone Interview, 

3. In-person Interview, 

4. Final Debrief. 

Thank you for your interest in this position. We look forward to hearing from you and working through  this process together! 

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