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Everlasting Education's mission is to provide outdoor educational experiences that facilitate robust connections to nature, self and community through reflective and analytical programs in local environmental ecology.

Our programs aim to connect students to their place in the world and mend the 21st century disconnect between inhabitants and their environments. These experiences of wonder and connection inspire our students to know, care for, and tend to their local ecological communities. 


Everlasting Education was founded in 2020 by Michael Galano, a Los Angeles public school teacher and environmental educator. After years of working at his environmental education job during summers and then returning to the florescent, boxed-in classrooms of LAUSD during the school year, Michael was inspired to found a school that immersed students in wonder of the natural world so that their natural abilities could shine. 


In the fall of 2020, Michael and a group of inspiring parents saw outdoor education as a healthy and highly beneficial alternative to traditional school. Especially with the limitations posed by the Covid-19 pandemic, outdoor education was an opportunity to continue in-person learning while large educational necessitated virtual learning.

Everlasting Elementary School follows all of the Content Standards as set by the California Department of Education and has a rigorous yet inclusive academic model. Outside of our elementary school, we operate after-school hiking programs, summer camps, and other programs throughout the school year.




  • Environment as the textbook

  • Living & Manmade Systems 

  • Our role and agency within these systems

  • Community awareness



  • Native Plant & Animal Identification

  • Field Guides and other resources

  • Sit spots 

  • Sensory awareness activities


  • Hands-on, meaningful experience

  • Student-driven conversations & collaborations

  • Active student involvement

  • Open dialogue & Shared authority

  • Facilitating & Mentoring

  • Small group size, individual learning

Social-Emotional Learning

  • Identifying our emotions

  • Communicating our feelings

  • Mind-body connection

  • Tools and Strategies


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