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We are in the exploratory phase
of launching a pre-school!

Are you interested in student-led learning, outdoor education, place-based learning, . If you are interested in being a founding family, reach out below!

Small class sizes (12 max) ensure that your student will have individualized guidance to follow their interests in meaningful ways that facilitate deep and lasting learning. ​

The Four Pillars of Everlasting Elementary's pedagogy include: 

  1. Constructivist Classroom

  2. Place-based Learning

  3. Nature Connection

  4. Social Emotional Learning

Our students love coming to school every day. They thrive in the fresh air and natural beauty of our weekly classrooms. As they connect to the environment, they connect more deeply with themselves as learners and as emotional beings, navigating an increasingly complex world. 

Everlasting Elementary School is a rigorous yet inclusive academic program. We challenge our students to show grit and push themselves to the limits of their abilities. Along the way, build meaningful relationships and connections that allow us to meet each student wherever they are on their academic journey. 


Over the course of the school year, students study the Los Angeles River Watershed at a variety of local parks and wilderness areas while also receiving high-class instruction in foundational elementary subjects. This gives them a perspective like no other student in Los Angeles and prepares them for the complex modern world in which we find ourselves. 

In addition to the core areas of instruction (reading, writing, math), students dive deep into a variety of supplemental topics that are rooted in our essential curriculum of environmental education and place-based learning.

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